The Orphan’s Right to Quality Education

At GLES Foundation, we work daily to ensure children in orphanage homes have the best chance to learn in an enabling environment.

Access to quality education will help any child reach their full potential; however, the orphaned children and youth, it is beyond reach and many can only dream of a better life, well except we work together to do something about it that way many of them will have the opportunity to learn basic skills like reading and math if they attend school.

The Great Life Education Support Foundation works across 3 major areas, finding the best solutions to help children learn and thrive. Our teams are:

Education Support Program: Education programs help school-age children develop vital skills to ensure their success both in school and out. Using proven approaches such as Literacy Boost and Numeracy Boost, Save the Children is ensuring children acquire foundational literacy, math and socio-emotional skills, which will prepare them for a lifetime of learning

Child Care and Development: These programs are focused on children in the orphanage homes, for growth in all areas of the child’s development with caregivers assigned to promote brain development as the children prepare for school.

Education Monitoring: Our monitoring team work to help build the capacity of the organization to better understand what works for supporting all children’s learning and development.

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