Introducing GLES Foundation

Founded: 2018
Primary Work: Education and Vocational training
Located: Nigeria
Quote: (“Every child deserves an opportunity to unlock their potentials.”)

GLES mission, “Every child deserves an opportunity for quality education,” has led us to work with orphanage homes and schools ensuring that the orphans have access to quality education through our education support program. The organization started with 14 orphans from an orphanage home in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

GLES Foundation is working with sponsors to help orphanage children between five and eighteen years old through our Education Support Program. Our monitoring effort seeks to measure child enrollment and progress and report back to the sponsors. We are working to help build vocational and technological skills as well as developing-world education access for orphaned children.

We recognized the need for a system of development tailored to individual communities, ensuring relevance. We have created a model that combines education and vocational training, which seeks to help these children develop their vocational skills for world-class development.

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